Online Tutoring: 1½ Hours Per Week

R450.00 now, and R450.00 on the 25th of each month

How our tutoring platform works:

  1. Once a student has signed up, they can contact the tutor on 0827059913 (Nathier) and they will provide details on where to start and which topics to cover
  2. Each unit has a lesson, a practice question and an answer. Once the student has completed a unit, they then attempt the practice question and check the answer. If they got the correct answer, they move on to the next unit. If the student got it wrong, they can contact the tutor and he or she will advise.
  3. Once a student has complete all the units in a module, they will write a short test and mark the test, giving them instant feedback
  4. Students complete the modules throughout the year until they have completed the syllabus and are ready to write an exam

In Tune provides support via call or video between 08:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday

This Package:

Students can work for 90 minutes per week on any of the subjects available for their grade. Time can be split up however the learner feels, such as thirty minutes per day, for 3 days, for example. Time doesn’t roll over to the next month and must be used within the month

Subjects Available:

  • Mathematics – grade 8 to 12
  • Mathematical Literacy- grade 10 to 12
  • Physical Science- grade 10 to 12
  • Life Science- grade 10 to 12

To Sign Up:

Purchase this package and we’ll send you your log in details on Whatsapp.

Payments are made via card and recur on the 25th of each month and are charged on a month to month basis, i.e there is no fixed contract. Packages must be cancelled before the 25th of each month

First payment: October 25, 2021


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